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Osama bin Laden doesn’t matter

I have no theory to offer as to what happened on 9/11. On their face the claims of the so-called “truthers” don’t seem to be any more fantastic than the claims of the people that call themselves “The United States.” There is no way that I have the expertise or the access to the evidence that would allow me to make any kind of an informed hypothesis. It seems that everyone proposing a theory has an axe to grind and I am skeptical of all explanations of the event. Given the facts this seems to be the most reasonable position to take.

The same goes for the supposed killing of the individual named “Osama bin Laden” last week. Assuming this individual ever existed there is no reason to believe anything in the story told to us by “The United States” about his death. He has been reported dead before. There is an obvious incentive for “The United States” to lie, and they have a pretty consistent track record of doing so. These are the people that claimed that there were chemical, biological and nuclear weapons in Iraq after all. Given their track record it is amazing that any individual believes anything that members of this group say.

Ever since the announcement that “Osama bin Laden” had been killed the story of exactly what happened has been changed. First it was a daring commando raid on a heavily fortified compound. The brave Navy Seals fought their way to the inner sanctum where the defiant terrorist mastermind was wielding a gun and shielding himself with the body of one of his wives. Then this story was revised. It turns out that there were no weapons on the “compound” — which was really just a broken down house — and the brave Seal team faced no resistance. Nor was there a dramatic scene at the end with a human shield. We were also told that film and pictures of the event would be released, but these statements were soon retracted. Now they deny that they have any video of the event at all. As far as we know the Navy Seals just broke into an old man’s house and killed him. That is assuming that even this much happened and the entire story isn’t totally fabricated out of whole cloth.

Ultimately though, none of it matters. Even if “Osama bin Laden” is real, even if “Al Queda” is real, and even if these people really did do 9/11 it doesn’t matter. The people that call themselves “The United States” are ultimately responsible. Even if we believe the official narrative of what happened on 9/11, it is clear that it was a reaction to previous provocative actions by “The United States.” Not only that, it was one of the best things to ever happen to that group of people and they have a clear incentive to continue to provoke such actions. It is not as if this group of individuals grew less rich and powerful as a result. Just the opposite. Given the incentives involved the idea that “The United States” has an interest in protecting you from terrorism is naive in the extreme. They actually view you as a potential enemy even if you think they are there to protect you.

Three Cups of Deceiit

Since 9/11 “The United States” has been experiencing a huge expansion. First two, and now three wars in parts of the world rich in oil and natural gas. A nice bloated military industrial complex to suckle at the teat of the taxpayer. A beefed up police state on the domestic front together with all the corrupt and evil surveillance companies chomping at the bit to supply them with tax-funded gear. Plenty of jingoism, xenophobia and patriotic fervor to prop up the state and make sure that dissenters keep quiet. This is not just a scene for conservative statists either. With the poor treatment of women in Islam and the general poverty of the people of the region the liberal “social justice” crusader can get involved too. There really is something for everyone. The scam artist Greg Mortenson and his fraudulent book “Three Cups of Tea” is a great example of the kind of opportunities that the “war on terror” offers to the unscrupulous and power-seeking social justice advocate. War really brings the state and the parasitic class into their own.

The important thing to understand is that the military strategy of “The United States” has nothing to do with fighting terrorism or protecting so-called “citizens.” To the extent that the group of people running the military industrial complex care about terrorism at all, it is a boon to them. It keeps the public interested, engaged and supportive so they can continue their greater plan. The greater plan was laid out by the military theorist and neoconservative intellectual Thomas Barnett in his books The Pentagon’s New Map and Blueprint for Action. It has also been articulated in various research papers by the neoconservative think-tank Project for a New American Century.

The basic theory is that the world is divided into two regions. There are the “core integrated states” that include “The United States” and its allies as well as countries that trade with it and follow the same general political and economic pattern. Then there are the “non-integrating gap states” that do not toe that line. These are generally poor countries in Africa, South America, the Middle East and Central Asia. The grand plan is not very complicated. “The United States” will conquer them militarily and install governments that will integrate these countries into the state-corporate/democratic system. Sometimes this is referred to as “the international community.” It really is that simple, and that simple-minded.

If this attempt to unify the world under one political and economic system sounds very Trotskyist, that’s because it is. The founders of the neoconservative movement came out of a group of communist intellectuals around a man named Irving Kristol in the 60s. These communist radicals saw which way the wind was blowing however and switched their allegiance to “The United States” during the Vietnam War era. Following the classic Trotskyist strategy of entryism they proceeded to infiltrate conservative political institutions in an effort to gain power and influence. They were extremely successful. Today the ideological core of the Republican party is made up of people carrying on the intellectual legacy of Trotskyism. I know that this actually sounds crazier than some of the 9/11 “truther” theories, but it’s the truth. It can easily be proven by reading Barnett’s book and some of the research papers on the PNAC website as well as examining the intellectual history and influences of the top ideologues. They are quite blatant in their calls for “The United States” to conquer the world. They are not even embarrassed about it.

Certainly oil and gas play a part in this agenda. So does the continuing excuse for astronomical military budgets and bloated Pentagon contracts into the indefinite future. Ultimately this maniacal strategy is an excuse to keep the Pentagon machine that was born during the cold war going for another 50 – 100 years. The TSA and DOHS have recently been added to the mix to create yet more bureaucrats whose jobs are dependent on endless war.  If some crazy Arabs blow up a few subway trains in the meantime, so much the better. It will keep the people frightened and create public demand for revenge and protection. Several neoconservative strategists have even publicly expressed hope that another terror attack will occur because it will make carrying out their agenda easier.

I would like to make the final point that if the “truthers” and “conspiracy theorists” want to prove that “The United States” is a group of mass murderers they need not posit theories about 9/11 that they will never be able to prove and that are not likely to be believed anyway. They need only point to the front page of The New York Times to show that horrifying crimes are going on in plain sight. So don’t be fooled. Osama bin Laden doesn’t matter. It is the people that call themselves “The United States” that are your real enemy.